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Life On The Street

Many nights, the homeless who we know from the breadline sleep on the steps and sidewalks of the church and Friary.  On cold nights, small cardboard boxes with just enough room for a single person's body line the sidewalks as makeshift bedrooms.  I don’t know how they do it, but I’m told that newspaper makes [...]

Earthquake in Nepal

Our prayers are with our Nepalese brothers and sisters suffering from last weeks devastating earthquake. Franciscan Bread for the Poor has no direct way of responding to the immediate needs of the people in Nepal, but Catholic Relief Services is able to do so. Below is a link that we have set up if you [...]

Come in Out of the Rain

Dear Friends, I’m sure you have heard the phrase from the song: Though April showers may come your way, They bring the flowers that bloom in May......... And I’m also sure you may have experienced your Mother, Father, or someone close to you say:   “Come in out of the rain, you’ll get wet and [...]

Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, with more than 250,000 listeners,  Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered the speech that was the turning point in the Civil Rights movement and is considered one of the top ten speeches of the 20th century.  Take the time and listen to it again.  One of the [...]

Happy New Year from Franciscan Bread for the Poor

Franciscan Bread for the Poor is best known for our Breadline. Since 1930, every morning, without fail, the Friars and our volunteers have provided nutritious, high-quality meals to members of our community. On a typical day, starting at 6:45 am, we feed between 350 and 450 people. Our clients receive enough food to get them [...]