Happy Mother’s Day

Of all the people I see on our breadline, nothing is sadder than a mother who is often desperate and concern for her children. That love, that deep intimate bond is never more apparent then when hunger and cold threaten the well-being of her child. When I think back to my own childhood I remember [...]

The Faces of Homelessness

We would like to share with you an interview between Fr Paul and a guest from the St Francis Breadline. Please share this video to raise awareness of #homeslessness and #hunger in NYC. Make a difference today by visiting: http://fal.cn/KMoV.#NYC #Franciscan #StFrancisBreadline #endhunger #endhomelessness #ashwednesday #lent #povertyPosted by St Francis Breadline on Wednesday, February 10, [...]

Happy New Year from Franciscan Bread for the Poor

Franciscan Bread for the Poor is best known for our Breadline. Since 1930, every morning, without fail, the Friars and our volunteers have provided nutritious, high-quality meals to members of our community. On a typical day, starting at 6:45 am, we feed between 350 and 450 people. Our clients receive enough food to get them [...]

Join Us!

Our volunteer team is a diverse group of men and women committed to spreading Franciscan joy to all those that we serve. We are a hard working team in partnership with the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province. Our main prerequisite is that you must be a person of compassion, who is willing to have [...]

The Gospel this week….

The Gospel this week is about reaping and sowing. The question we must ask ourselves is what must we do so that the Spirit or Word of God takes root and grows in our life. Only you know what weeds need to be pulled out, what rocks are in the way, what needs constant pruning, [...]